AlgoCap is an AI-driven real estate brokerage platform.  We solve a problem that many New York City real estate investors run into: it’s hard to find good, useful investment data about residential real estate. Sure, there’s lots of information, numbers, statistics, and records. There are tens of thousands of residential real estate listings for sale in New York City.

But sorting it, analyzing it, and being able to act on it in a timely way is more elusive. That’s where AlgoCap can help.

As a real estate & fintech attorney, I noticed that the residential market in NYC is inefficient for making smart, timely decisions during fluctuating and uncertain market conditions.

I watched my clients put more work into running numbers for thousands of different properties than they did in finding their soul mate on Tinder!  That’s why I started AlgoCap.

We run the numbers for you; we apply the analytics that is meaningful and give you actionable insights.

Our algorithms sort through thousands of listings in seconds, using criteria that can be as fundamental as location, or as esoteric as the presence of a rooftop community garden.

AlgoCap streamlines the number-crunching and provides our clients with a full picture of their investment, based on market comps, rent rates, and over 20 different factors.  Our goal, very simply, is to help our clients find the best property investments in NYC.

AlgoCap doesn’t just modernize the way investments are discovered. We also provide support in structuring complex transactions, including investments via cryptocurrency. (When your sister’s ex-boyfriend told you that Bitcoin was the next big thing, the jerk was actually right.)

Today, cryptocurrency and stablecoins are becoming more prevalent in international transactions. We are not only fully plugged into that market, but AlgoCap has the expertise to ensure these transactions comply with federal and state regulations.

AlgoCap helps our clients every step of the way. Foreign investments, cryptocurrency transactions and novel tax structures (e.g., QOZ transactions) might scare away most real estate brokers. Not us.

Our team of computer nerds, lawyers, tax experts, and business professionals has the expertise to handle the most complex transactions.

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